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At Blooom, we create all-natural miracle crops with unprecedented productivity and quality through plant science.

We strive to reduce global ecological footprint by revolutionising urban vertical farms of the world with our plant technology, science, and magic.



Blooom's locally harvested Strawberries!


Airfreighted Strawberries, Grapes, Plums

Imported Apples, Pears, Oranges, Bananas


Imported Lemons, Lime, Mangoes, Avocados

Imported Sweet Potatoes, Cherries, Raspberries



Inspiring Local Production, Transforming Global Consumption.


Traditional farms require large plots of land that is unfeasible for urban areas as cost of land increases.

Our technologically assisted vertical farms offer over 20 times the crop yield per square foot.

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In Singapore where land is scarce, food security is a growing challenge.

Did you know that Singapore has only 1% of land available for food production, and over 90% of food is imported overseas?

The over-reliance on supply chain distributions not only costs more economically and environmentally, but also poses a major risk in times of food supply crises in an increasingly disrupted world.

It's time we change that.

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We believe it is crucial to be able to grow foods locally in ways that are not only productive, but also sustainable for the people, environment and future.

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We started with experimenting on strawberries...

Our budding research took place in 2013 when we found that strawberries in Singapore sucked. Yup.

Because of their extremely short shelf life and fragility in nature, imported strawberries are often harvested prematurely and transported in cold chain by airfreight.

What we ended up getting were mostly sour, low quality strawberries which were highly seasonal, costly, and unsustainable for the environment.


We knew there was room for improvement.


Blossoming success with selective cross breeding

Using proprietary and award-winning technology, state-of-the-art robotics, and years of agricultural research – we made it.


We achieved ground-breaking growth efficiencies by creating Singapore's very own strain of strawberries that not only grow faster, but also taste amazing!


What was once grown under 10~15ºc in China and Japan during the autumn and winter seasons is now able to grow under tropical climates (18~28ºc), and with greater speed, sweetness and quality.

The best part? It's 100% natural and grown locally!

Plant Biologist


Precision farming with robotics and A.I. technology

The future of sustainable farming is here.

From soil and crop monitoring to A.I. assisted harvesting and pollination, predictive data analytics to machine-learning algorithms – technology plays an essential role in our proprietary farming methods.

Our patented hydroponic racks and agricultural robotics measure light, CO2, temperature, and humidity to increase farm efficiency, reduce resources used, and allow for higher and healthier crop yields!


We pioneer the great florescence of urban vertical farming

We realised, to reduce our global ecological footprint, we have to change not only the ways we consume, but also the ways we produce.

As we continue to employ ethical and sustainable farming technology and practices, we hope to achieve betterment – higher productivity, lower carbon footprint, and overall finer quality without the use of pesticides – in other locally grown crops.


Cherry tomatoes. Japanese mustard spinach. Saffron. Ginseng. The list goes on, as with our commitment to revolutionise the farms in our world today.

Together, let's help our local farms blooom!


Meet Our Founder

BLOOOM_bao sheng jie_edited_edited.png

Dr. Bao Sheng Jie, Founder & CEO

With extensive experience in the field of plant physiology and research, he started his own robotics-assisted hydroponics farm system right in the downtown of Singapore in 2019.


Years of dedication and research brought him to bloom Singapore's first proprietary selective-bred premium strawberries that triumph in growth efficiency and taste.

Interested in our farm?

Want to learn more about our sustainable practices?


Have a tour at our farms and witness how we can make a positive impact on global agriculture.

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