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Image by Becca Lavin

Locally harvested, wildly delicious.

Proudly produced using Singapore's award-winning vertical farming technology, now you can experience fresh and premium fruits and vegetables like none other.

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Image by MontyLov

Saving planet Earth with every Blooom.

40% MORE Energy Efficient vs Modern Vertical Farms

50% LESS Production Time vs Conventional Farms

Above Global Average Sweetness Guaranteed

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Proudly Grown Locally, ZERO Carbon Emission from Airfreight!

ZERO Spoilage Caused By Airfreight, 100% Crop Yield

100% Natural, Non-GMO, and Pesticide-Free

Most strawberries on the planet have an average sugar content of 7.5°Bx (Degree Brix). Premium options airfreighted overseas to Singapore can go as high as 11°Bx.


Blooom guarantees locally harvested natural sweetness at 11°Bx, and can hit as high as 14°Bx!


We design
sustainable farming for the future.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Locally harvested, wildly delicious.

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Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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