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Organic Home Garden

Checkpoint #4
More Than Just Strawberries

Having worked on over 30 crop varieties, our journey to sustainable foods does not just stop here

Achieving Sustainable Agriculture

You may have heard about the Singapore 30 by 30 initiative, which aims to reduce reliance on food imports by enhancing local production. The goal is to sustainably produce 30% of Singapore's nutritional needs by 2030, aligning with the Singapore Green Plan 2030 for a more resilient food future.

To play our part in this, Singrow is actively involved in two key aspects: the development of optimized crop varieties and farming protocols tailored for local production.

Our expertise goes beyond strawberries. We have worked on over 30 crop varieties, such as cherry tomatoes, saffron, ginseng, palm trees, grapes, and blueberries.

This includes rice solutions that can result in higher yield, enhanced climate resilience, and improved disease resistance. This is because our expertise lies in the ability to control the flowering process. That's right!! We can delay or speed up the blooming of any flowering crop, delivering fresher, tastier fruits, including those beloved strawberries.

Another example is our dwarf cherry tomato you see here, specially developed for indoor farming. With shorter stems to save space and a self-pollinating mechanism that reduces manual labor, these tomatoes has complete flowers with both male and female parts. Furthermore, the adaptability of these tomatoes extends to their ability to thrive with sea water

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