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Based on Singrow's Strawberry Production Case Study

20x More Crop Yield

30% Less Production Time

40% More Energy Efficient

than traditional farms

We are Singapore's award-winning developer of innovative agri-technology solutions that guarantee premium quality fruits and vegetables.

Changing the face of Urban Vertical Farming, we provide ideal growing conditions for crops previously not grown in tropical areas and achieve ground-breaking growth efficiencies with minimal environmental impacts. 

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Developed proprietarily with our technology, our flagship product, the Rouge strawberry, is a cut above the rest in cost, taste and availability.


High-Performance Agri-Technology and Plant Science

We revolutionise urban farms with our patented, award-winning technology

Image by Vasil Korzh

Partner with Us!

Interested to be a franchisee? We offer consultation services when it comes to using our technology and setting up your own indoor farm. Learn more about our capabilities and services.

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