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Checkpoint #1
Welcome to Blooom by Singrow!

Welcome to Singrow! where innovation meets agriculture.

We're excited to have you here and share the world of agriculture with you. Before you step inside, there are a few important rules to keep in mind to ensure our strawberry plants remain happy and healthy.

Some Guidelines

  1. Make sure you have your shoe covers, gloves, masks worn and your baskets with you before entering the farm.

  2. Please refrain from eating while inside the farm.

  3. Be extra gentle with our strawberry plants, refrain from pulling or removing any other parts of the plants when harvesting

  4. Please refrain from pulling the strawberries, as this could uproot the entire plant. To harvest, simply pinch the stem of the strawberry with your thumb and index finger with both hands, gently twisting in opposite direction.

  5. Do not harvest unriped fruits. For good measure, do not harvest anything green.

  6. Be mindful of large pipes on the floor, do not run in the farm 

  7. No flash photography or sudden movements around Straw Faries. Feel free to take as many videos and photos you wish otherwise.

  8. How to tell if a strawberry is ripe:

  • White Strawberries: When alll seeds have turned red, it is ready to be harvest.

  • Red Strawberries: Examine underneath the leaves of the fruit, and if there are no traces of green, it's good to go.​


You may proceed through the air shower one at a time, kindly note that the doors can only be opened one side at a time.

Children under 12 years old can be accompanied by an adult.

Let's Get Started

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