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Singrow to start selling Singapore-grown strawberries in March, plans $15m Series A this year

Singrow also plans to offer locally grown produce across Southeast Asia, starting with strawberries farmed in energy-efficient greenhouses

It used to be unthinkable that strawberries could grow in a tropical climate like Singapore’s. A local agritech startup called Singrow has achieved that feat by developing its own varieties and using vertical farming techniques. It will yield its first batch of strawberries for sale soon, in March – all 300 kg of them.“We actually harvested our first batch last December, but the strawberries were not for sale,” Bao Shengjie, CEO and co-founder of Singrow, told CompassList in an online interview. "It was our first scaleup, from lab to farm. We sent some to our investors and partners, and also s...



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